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Here are a few of our most popular areas of service:

Computer Repairs - if your computer crashed - we will fix it.
Replacing Parts - if some parts of your computer have stopped working - we will replace them with the new ones.
PC expansion - we can add new part to your PC to improve its performance
Cleaning hard drive - we will delete all unimportant files from your PC - it will give you more space on your hard drive
Accelerating PC - if your computer became slow we will accelerate your operation system
Virus removal - if your computer has been infected with viruses or spyware - we will remove them
Installing Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 - best way to refresh the system is to re-install the operating system - we will do it without removing important files from your PC
Installing software - if you need to install some new applications - we will do it for you
Creating wired and wireless networks - we can create a computer network at your home or office and connect your PC to the internet
PC Upgrades - we can install all important upgrades for your operation system
Data Recovery - if you have accidently deleted all your pictures, docs, music or other stuff - don't panic - we can recover all data from the memory card, pendrive or hard drive (not after formatting the device or after overwriting the data)
Data backup - we can copy all your data to other storage devices like hdd or dvd
Other - we can also handle other problems

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